Instead of thinking ‘some incumbents are gonna lose, some startups are gonna win’, startups should be seen as potential partners. Partners to create more value for your company, more value for your customer, and for the whole industry.” *

*Mocker, Valerie, Simona Bielli, and Christopher Haley (2015), Winning Together. A Guide to Successful Corporate Startup Collaborations, Nesta, London, UK.

What we do…

We advise corporations

Together with the manufacturing companies we identified areas with demand for innovation within their organisation. Based on their needs we draft a challenge aiming to find innovative solutions.

We scout startups

Based on the advertised challenges we are looking for innovative startups to foster cooperations with Tyrolean corporations.

We connect startups and cooperations

In a matching event we connect Tyrolean manufacturing companies with global startups. Aiming to increase productivity and competitiveness as well as to strengthen the economy location Tyrol.

The programme in figures


Credentials from industry partners

Alfred Landl, Tyrolit

"The entire process was professionally planned, carefully prepared and very well accompanied. Since then TYROLIT has been working with 4 start-ups to find solutions to the challenges we have faced. We see it as a very good opportunity to find interesting start-ups for the respective industry relatively quickly and to establish the necessary contacts.”

Arno Plankensteiner, Plansee

“The joint team of Industriellenvereinigung Tirol and Standortagentur Tirol did an outstanding job regarding the planning of the Startup4Industry (S4I) activity, both along the promising phase of Startup search and pre-evaluation as well as regarding the challenging Startup pitching event. As a final result Plansee identified three Startups for two tech challenges in the field of predictive analytics and measurement systems in severe environments with respective collaborations being planned. Professionality was also given by practically all participating Startups. This said the S4I activity can be recommended to all enterprises, large and small ones, classic and new economy ones, who are searching for novel ideas for their challenges, technology-wise and business-wise.”

Harald Tschenett, Tiroler Rohre

„I found the cooperation with startups very interesting and instructive. You really can feel the enthusiasm and passion for their work. The speed of the startups is sometimes challenging for established companies due to their differences in structure and size. Open communication is essential to improve the mutual understanding of the parties and for a successful cooperation.”

Rainer Bachmaier & Michael Happ, EGGER Holzwerkstoffe

“The online matching event was new and challenging for us but very well organized. A perfect opportunity to get in touch with start-ups with concrete topics. Since the event we are in contact with 8 start-ups. This shows that the program is a very good solution to start partnerships with start-ups to work on different topics.”

Stephan Laiminger, Innio

“At INNIO we are used to dealing with large companies. The contact with start-ups was a very nice and interesting experience for us. Start-ups are different, in a positive way. They are not constrained by the processes necessary to run a large global company, as we are. They can think differently. Already when we got in touch for the 1st time I was impressed by their spirit and openness as well as out of the box thinking. Especially, from the mostly young engineers. We are still in contact with some of the start-ups, we met in the selection process. However, our decision process is one of a large company.”

You are an established corporation and interested in a cooperation with innovative startups?