Augmented and mixed reality solutions for industrial maintenance and work instructions sought


Austrian companies search for a technical solution for real time monitoring of production processes and immediate error recognition using augmented and/or mixed reality technologies for remote maintenance and work instructions. They are looking for start-ups from Europe to co-develop and implement the technology under a technical cooperation agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.


As part of a regional program in Tyrol, three Austrian companies are looking for start-ups from Europe and beyond. The medium sized companies are manufactures of traditional industrial products such as tools, ductile cast iron systems and motor engines. The companies are looking for visualization technologies to improve product and process quality.

The Austrian companies are looking for start-ups that can offer solutions for real time monitoring and immediate error recognition of production processes in order to minimize downtime. Potential partners should offer augmented and/or mixed reality solutions for different use case scenarios in industrial production process.

With the proposed solution workers should be able to receive remote work instructions or process guidance using augmented and/or mixed reality technologies. Another possible application could be teaching new employees in augmented reality environment by learning new tasks in a playful manner.

The companies are open to any type of solution (proof of concept, prototype or already on the market) from European start-ups to implement augmented and/or mixed reality solutions into their production process. Envisaged cooperation types are technical cooperaton agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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