Solution sought for big data analytics of industrial assets


Austrian manufacturer of refractory metals Plansee is seeking a technical solution to extract relevant information from big data sets in order to analyse the data within scientific and technical context. Potential partners offer solutions in the field of big data analytics and predictive process control for industrial assets. In the framework of an innovation challenge selected start-ups will co-develop and implement the technology.


As part of a regional innovation program in Tyrol, Austrian company Plansee is looking for start-ups in Europe and beyond to analyse big data sets from industrial production processes. The company is a manufacturer of refractory metals such as molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and chromium components for high temperature applications. The alloys and composite materials are used in electronics, coating technology or high-temperature furnaces.

The company is looking for solutions in the field of big data analytics. So far, a lot of data has been collected from the machines, furnaces and thermal reactors, but not further processed. Another challenge is to overcome the interfaces of different machine types in order to analyse the data of the entire production chain.

Potential partners should offer a solution to extract relevant information from big data sets in order to analyse the data to optimize energy efficiency, process stability, quality control and to reduce scrap goods. Additionally, they are also interested in implementing artificial intelligence solutions to predict process control parameter for industrial assets based on both real time and recorded data.

The Austrian company is open to any type of solution (proof of concept, prototype or already on the market) and wants to work with European start-ups as equal partners, under shared IP conditions, in the form of a technical cooperation agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance to co-develop and/or implement the technology into their production process.

Company Profile

Plansee is a globally active group of companies with more than 14,000 employees. With its divisions Plansee HPM (100%), Ceratizit (50%), GTP (100%) and Molymet (21%), the Plansee Group covers every stage in the manufacturing of tungsten and molybdenum. All divisions achieve excellence along the whole value chain of molybdenum and tungsten production.

Plansee uses powder metallurgical methods in combination with thermomechanical forming, advanced machining and shaping techniques for customer specific products. Markets of Plansee HPM are: consumer electronics, medical devices, Engineering, semiconductor, alloy additions, automotive, aerospace and defence, power generation and distribution.

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