Solution for the measurement of material conditions sought


Austrian companies search for a technical solution to measure material conditions of industrial products in extreme environmental conditions. Solutions could range from sensor technology to image analysis, but should be small sized and transfer information wireless. They are looking for start-ups to co-develop and implement the technology under a technical agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.


As part of a regional program in Tyrol, three Austrian companies are looking for start-ups from Europe and beyond. The medium sized companies are manufactures of traditional industrial products such as tools, ductile cast iron systems and motor engines. The start-ups should offer solutions to measure the material condition of industrial product components or systems and transfer the information wireless to a control system.

Potential partners should offer a solution to measure the condition of hard-to-reach or closed components and tools in extreme environmental conditions and transmit this information wireless to a receiver (control unit). The challenge is to measure physical data (temperature, pressure, etc.) of the product material (metal, iron, steal) both during production and operation. Currently, standard elements and sensors are used that provide insufficient results.

The companies are open to any type of solution (proof of concept, prototype or already on the market) from European start-ups to codevelop a product to market maturity. Solutions could range from high sophisticated sensor technologies to image analysis. Envisaged cooperation types are technical agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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